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Public Member Functions

Pointer av_malloc (int size)
Pointer av_realloc (Pointer ptr, int size)
void av_free (Pointer ptr)
Pointer av_mallocz (int size)
Pointer av_strdup (Pointer s)
void av_freep (PointerByReference ptr)
void av_log_set_level (int l)
int av_fifo_init (AVFifoBuffer f, int size)
void av_fifo_free (AVFifoBuffer f)
int av_fifo_size (AVFifoBuffer f)
int av_fifo_read (AVFifoBuffer f, Pointer buf, int buf_size)
int av_fifo_generic_read (AVFifoBuffer f, int buf_size, Pointer func, Pointer dest)
void av_fifo_write (AVFifoBuffer f, Pointer buf, int size)
void av_fifo_realloc (AVFifoBuffer f, int size)
void av_fifo_drain (AVFifoBuffer f, int size)
long av_rescale (long a, long b, long c)
long av_rescale_q (long a, AVRational bq, AVRational cq)

Static Public Attributes

static final AVUtilLibrary INSTANCE


class  AVFifoBuffer

Detailed Description

Based on FFMPEG Aug 12 2007. From mem.h
Ken Larson

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Member Function Documentation

Pointer net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVUtilLibrary.av_malloc ( int  size  ) 

Pointer net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVUtilLibrary.av_realloc ( Pointer  ptr,
int  size 

void net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVUtilLibrary.av_free ( Pointer  ptr  ) 

Pointer net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVUtilLibrary.av_mallocz ( int  size  ) 

Pointer net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVUtilLibrary.av_strdup ( Pointer  s  ) 

void net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVUtilLibrary.av_freep ( PointerByReference  ptr  ) 

void net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVUtilLibrary.av_log_set_level ( int  l  ) 

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVUtilLibrary.av_fifo_init ( AVFifoBuffer  f,
int  size 

Initializes an AVFifoBuffer.

*f AVFifoBuffer to initialize
size of FIFO
<0 for failure >=0 otherwise

void net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVUtilLibrary.av_fifo_free ( AVFifoBuffer  f  ) 

Frees an AVFifoBuffer.

*f AVFifoBuffer to free

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVUtilLibrary.av_fifo_size ( AVFifoBuffer  f  ) 

Returns the amount of data in bytes in the AVFifoBuffer, that is the amount of data you can read from it.

*f AVFifoBuffer to read from

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVUtilLibrary.av_fifo_read ( AVFifoBuffer  f,
Pointer  buf,
int  buf_size 

Reads data from an AVFifoBuffer.

*f AVFifoBuffer to read from
*buf data destination
buf_size number of bytes to read

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVUtilLibrary.av_fifo_generic_read ( AVFifoBuffer  f,
int  buf_size,
Pointer  func,
Pointer  dest 

Feeds data from an AVFifoBuffer to a user supplied callback.

*f AVFifoBuffer to read from
buf_size number of bytes to read
*func generic read function
*dest data destination

void net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVUtilLibrary.av_fifo_write ( AVFifoBuffer  f,
Pointer  buf,
int  size 

Writes data into an AVFifoBuffer.

*f AVFifoBuffer to write to
*buf data source
size data size

void net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVUtilLibrary.av_fifo_realloc ( AVFifoBuffer  f,
int  size 

Resizes an AVFifoBuffer.

*f AVFifoBuffer to resize
size new AVFifoBuffer size in bytes

void net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVUtilLibrary.av_fifo_drain ( AVFifoBuffer  f,
int  size 

Reads and discards the specified amount of data from an AVFifoBuffer.

*f AVFifoBuffer to read from
size amount of data to read in bytes

long net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVUtilLibrary.av_rescale ( long  a,
long  b,
long  c 

rescale a 64bit integer with rounding to nearest. a simple a*b/c isn't possible as it can overflow

long net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVUtilLibrary.av_rescale_q ( long  a,
AVRational  bq,
AVRational  cq 

rescale a 64bit integer by 2 rational numbers.

Member Data Documentation

final AVUtilLibrary net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVUtilLibrary.INSTANCE [static]

Initial value:

 (AVUtilLibrary) Native.loadLibrary(
                System.getProperty("").startsWith("Windows") ? "avutil-50" : "avutil"), 

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