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Public Member Functions

 VisVideo (Node n, Vector3f position)
void add (VisNode node)

Package Functions

void renderSelf ()
void handleEvent (VisMouseEvent evt)
void closeSelf ()

Package Attributes

final float SCALE = 15f
VideoTexture tex = null
VideoFetcher fetcher
String url
boolean playing = true

Detailed Description

an video slide in 3d space. its created at instant, but the video is fetched in the background and playback starts if first frame arrived.

holds it's own audio source if the stream has audio tracks.


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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

org.hfbk.vis.visnode.VisVideo.VisVideo ( Node  n,
Vector3f  position 

creates a new video panel, start fetching the frame data.

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References org.hfbk.vis.visnode.VisVideo.fetcher, and org.dronus.graph.Node.text.

Member Function Documentation

void org.hfbk.vis.visnode.VisVideo.add ( VisNode  node  ) 

ignore childs

Reimplemented from org.hfbk.vis.visnode.VisNode.

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void org.hfbk.vis.visnode.VisVideo.renderSelf (  )  [package, virtual]

render this movie panel.

Implements org.hfbk.vis.visnode.VisNode.

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References org.hfbk.vis.visnode.VisRoot.client, org.hfbk.vis.VisClient.dt, org.hfbk.vis.visnode.VisVideo.fetcher, org.hfbk.vid.AVStreamingThread.getAudioSource(), org.hfbk.vis.visnode.VisNode.getRoot(), org.hfbk.vis.visnode.VisNodeMousable.h,,,, org.hfbk.vis.visnode.VisVideo.playing, org.hfbk.vis.visnode.VisNode.radius, org.hfbk.vid.VideoTexture.render(), org.hfbk.vis.visnode.VisVideo.SCALE, org.hfbk.vid.VideoFetcher.streamer, org.hfbk.vid.VideoTexture.streamer, org.hfbk.vis.visnode.VisVideo.tex, org.hfbk.vis.visnode.VisNode.traverse(), org.hfbk.vis.visnode.VisNodeMousable.w, and

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void org.hfbk.vis.visnode.VisVideo.handleEvent ( VisMouseEvent  evt  )  [package]

on click we toggle the running state (pause, play)

Reimplemented from org.hfbk.vis.visnode.VisNodeDraggable.

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References org.hfbk.vis.visnode.VisVideo.playing, org.hfbk.vid.AVStreamingThread.setPlaying(), org.hfbk.vid.VideoTexture.streamer, and org.hfbk.vis.visnode.VisVideo.tex.

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void org.hfbk.vis.visnode.VisVideo.closeSelf (  )  [package]

close VideoTexture to stop streaming.

Reimplemented from org.hfbk.vis.visnode.VisNode.

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References org.hfbk.vid.VideoTexture.close(), and org.hfbk.vis.visnode.VisVideo.tex.

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Member Data Documentation

final float org.hfbk.vis.visnode.VisVideo.SCALE = 15f [package]

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Referenced by org.hfbk.vis.visnode.VisVideo.renderSelf().

VideoTexture org.hfbk.vis.visnode.VisVideo.tex = null [package]

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Referenced by org.hfbk.vis.visnode.VisVideo.closeSelf(), org.hfbk.vis.visnode.VisVideo.handleEvent(), and org.hfbk.vis.visnode.VisVideo.renderSelf().

VideoFetcher org.hfbk.vis.visnode.VisVideo.fetcher [package]

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Referenced by org.hfbk.vis.visnode.VisVideo.renderSelf(), and org.hfbk.vis.visnode.VisVideo.VisVideo().

String org.hfbk.vis.visnode.VisVideo.url [package]

a related url. this is akward for this abstract class but currently most of VisNodes uses an url in some kind, we can process it more conveniently if defined in superclass.

Reimplemented from org.hfbk.vis.visnode.VisNode.

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boolean org.hfbk.vis.visnode.VisVideo.playing = true [package]

if video is playing

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Referenced by org.hfbk.vis.visnode.VisVideo.handleEvent(), and org.hfbk.vis.visnode.VisVideo.renderSelf().

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