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Public Member Functions

 VisTarget (Node dummy, Vector3f pos)

Package Functions

void handleEvent (VisMouseEvent evt)
Override void transform ()
Override void renderSelf ()

Package Attributes

Vector3f target
float energy
VisBalistic balistic

Detailed Description

Zielschiessen: Eine Bodenebene, in der ein Zielort angeklickt werden kann. Wenn möglich wird dann eine Wurfparabel dorthin erstellt.


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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

org.hfbk.vis.visnode.VisTarget.VisTarget ( Node  dummy,
Vector3f  pos 

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References org.hfbk.vis.visnode.VisNodeMousable.h, org.hfbk.vis.visnode.VisNode.radius, and org.hfbk.vis.visnode.VisNodeMousable.w.

Member Function Documentation

void org.hfbk.vis.visnode.VisTarget.handleEvent ( VisMouseEvent  evt  )  [package]

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References org.hfbk.vis.visnode.VisTarget.balistic,,, and org.hfbk.vis.visnode.VisNode.traverse().

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Override void org.hfbk.vis.visnode.VisTarget.transform (  )  [package]

actually applies this nodes transform. should be overridden for abitrary transform changes, eg. animation, billboarding etc.

Reimplemented from org.hfbk.vis.visnode.VisNode.

Reimplemented in org.hfbk.vis.visnode.VisWall.

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Override void org.hfbk.vis.visnode.VisTarget.renderSelf (  )  [package, virtual]

implement this to actually render this node itself. also used to update a node's state.

things not seen also do not update. this is sometimes akward, sometimes useful, eg. a movie not seen does not advance

Implements org.hfbk.vis.visnode.VisNode.

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References org.hfbk.vis.visnode.VisNode.add(), org.hfbk.vis.visnode.VisTarget.balistic, org.hfbk.vis.visnode.VisNode.children, org.hfbk.vis.visnode.VisNode.parent, and

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Member Data Documentation

Vector3f [package]

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Referenced by org.hfbk.vis.visnode.VisTarget.handleEvent(), and org.hfbk.vis.visnode.VisTarget.renderSelf().

float [package]

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VisBalistic org.hfbk.vis.visnode.VisTarget.balistic [package]

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Referenced by org.hfbk.vis.visnode.VisTarget.handleEvent(), and org.hfbk.vis.visnode.VisTarget.renderSelf().

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