org.hfbk.vis.visnode.VisSrt.eventtype Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 eventtype ()
 eventtype (Long BEGIN, Long END, String description)
 eventtype (Long BEGIN, Long END, String[] words)
int compareTo (Object other)

Package Attributes

Long END
String description
String[] words

Detailed Description

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

org.hfbk.vis.visnode.VisSrt.eventtype.eventtype (  ) 

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org.hfbk.vis.visnode.VisSrt.eventtype.eventtype ( Long  BEGIN,
Long  END,
String  description 

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org.hfbk.vis.visnode.VisSrt.eventtype.eventtype ( Long  BEGIN,
Long  END,
String[]  words 

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Member Function Documentation

int org.hfbk.vis.visnode.VisSrt.eventtype.compareTo ( Object  other  ) 

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References org.hfbk.vis.visnode.VisSrt.eventtype.BEGIN.

Member Data Documentation

Long org.hfbk.vis.visnode.VisSrt.eventtype.BEGIN [package]

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Referenced by org.hfbk.vis.visnode.VisSrt.eventtype.compareTo().

Long org.hfbk.vis.visnode.VisSrt.eventtype.END [package]

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String org.hfbk.vis.visnode.VisSrt.eventtype.description [package]

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String [] org.hfbk.vis.visnode.VisSrt.eventtype.words [package]

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