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Package Functions

 VisEdges ()
void renderSelf ()
void recurse (VisNode node, Vector3f pos)

Package Attributes

VisRoot root
HashMap< VisNode, Vector3f > positions = new HashMap<VisNode, Vector3f>()

Detailed Description

a helper node rendering some edges for the visible nodes.

these are: -child-to-parent edges showing hierarchy in thin white -node-to-sourcenode edges showing sourcenodes for tree roots in bright red -this are completed to full association chain pathes by routing the source nodes to the parent sourced node which already connects his source and so on and on...

by "tree root" we denote a node which is the root of the result of one source fetch. by "sourcenode" we denote a node which is used as the keyword for a source fetch. by a "sourced node" we denote a tree root which is the root of a fetched graph invoked by a given source node.

this one must allways be added to root as it renders relative to world coordinate space.

needs some optimisations.


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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

org.hfbk.vis.visnode.VisEdges.VisEdges (  )  [package]

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References org.hfbk.vis.visnode.VisNode.radius.

Member Function Documentation

void org.hfbk.vis.visnode.VisEdges.renderSelf (  )  [package, virtual]

renders the edges of the graph network spanned by visible nodes.

TODO caching. positions can be reused until changed.

Implements org.hfbk.vis.visnode.VisNode.

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References org.hfbk.vis.visnode.VisNode.getRoot(), org.hfbk.vis.visnode.VisRoot.nodesBySource, org.hfbk.vis.visnode.VisNode.parent, org.hfbk.vis.visnode.VisEdges.positions, org.hfbk.vis.visnode.VisEdges.recurse(), org.hfbk.vis.visnode.VisEdges.root, org.hfbk.vis.visnode.VisRoot.sourceNodesBySource, and org.hfbk.vis.visnode.VisNode.url.

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void org.hfbk.vis.visnode.VisEdges.recurse ( VisNode  node,
Vector3f  pos 
) [package]

recursively gathers absolute world positions

only handles translations so far.

node the node to recurse
pos current position

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References org.hfbk.vis.visnode.VisNode.node, and org.hfbk.vis.visnode.VisEdges.positions.

Referenced by org.hfbk.vis.visnode.VisEdges.renderSelf().

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Member Data Documentation

VisRoot org.hfbk.vis.visnode.VisEdges.root [package]

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Referenced by org.hfbk.vis.visnode.VisEdges.renderSelf().

HashMap<VisNode,Vector3f> org.hfbk.vis.visnode.VisEdges.positions = new HashMap<VisNode, Vector3f>() [package]

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Referenced by org.hfbk.vis.visnode.VisEdges.recurse(), and org.hfbk.vis.visnode.VisEdges.renderSelf().

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