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static VisNode create (Node n, Vector3f position)

Static Package Attributes

static final Class<?>[] SIGNATURE = {Node.class, Vector3f.class}

Detailed Description

A "reflective" factory for creating VisNodes by data Nodes.

this is used by VisRoot after fetched data arrived. the abstract Node net is then parsed and nodes are fed herein to create a visual VisNode if the Node is a visualizable one.

the given Node is evaluated for type and a VisNode of apropriate class is instantiated via the constructor (Node, Vector3f).


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Member Function Documentation

static VisNode org.hfbk.vis.VisNodeFactory.create ( Node  n,
Vector3f  position 
) [static]

create a VisNode representing the data Node. If there is no Vis class matching Node's type, null is returned. The Node is maybe used for attributes of other nodes.

If a matching class is found, but the factory constructor signature (Node, Vector3f) is not found, an exception "NodeFactory: No valid public constructor at class CLASS" is thrown to encourage the implementation of an apropriate constructor.

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References org.hfbk.vis.VisNodeFactory.SIGNATURE, and org.dronus.graph.Node.type.

Member Data Documentation

final Class<?> [] org.hfbk.vis.VisNodeFactory.SIGNATURE = {Node.class, Vector3f.class} [static, package]

the method signature needed to instantiating a VisNode: public VisTypename(Node node, Vector3f position);

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Referenced by org.hfbk.vis.VisNodeFactory.create().

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