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static File getNextFreeFile (String path) throws IOException
static void saveLocal (String url)
static InputStream getStream (String ressource)
static String read (String path)
static void browse (String url)

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static File org.hfbk.vis.FileUtils.getNextFreeFile ( String  path  )  throws IOException [static]

create a new File ready to write. a counter is increased until the given pathname, counter and suffix give a non existiend file's name.

path the wanted filename
an empty File ready to write
IOException if path is not writable (no rights to, bad filename)

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static void org.hfbk.vis.FileUtils.saveLocal ( String  url  )  [static]

saves the given url to the users home directory. tries to preserve remote filename, adds a counter if existing.

url to copy

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References org.hfbk.vis.FileUtils.getNextFreeFile().

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static InputStream org.hfbk.vis.FileUtils.getStream ( String  ressource  )  [static]

open a ressource and get InputStream

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static String ( String  path  )  [static]

read in a text file.

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static void org.hfbk.vis.FileUtils.browse ( String  url  )  [static]

try to open url in users default browser. needs jre1.6 but fails harmless if not.

url to browse

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