org.hfbk.util.HTTPUtils Class Reference

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static BufferedReader connect (URL url, boolean silent) throws IOException
static BufferedReader connectAsMozilla (URL url, boolean silent) throws IOException
static String fetch (String url, boolean silent)
static String fetchUntil (String url, Pattern pattern, boolean silent)
static String decode (String encoded)
static String encode (String encode)
static void SubmitPicture (String exsistingFileName, String ScriptSource)

Static Package Functions

static void download (URL url, File target) throws IOException

Detailed Description

HTTP protocol related utils.

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Member Function Documentation

static BufferedReader org.hfbk.util.HTTPUtils.connect ( URL  url,
boolean  silent 
) throws IOException [static]

connect to an URL, opening the web page.

a BufferedReader to read the page from

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static BufferedReader org.hfbk.util.HTTPUtils.connectAsMozilla ( URL  url,
boolean  silent 
) throws IOException [static]

connect to an URL predicting an older mozilla version sad we need this. some pages doesn't like non-browser services.

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static void ( URL  url,
File  target 
) throws IOException [static, package]

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static String org.hfbk.util.HTTPUtils.fetch ( String  url,
boolean  silent 
) [static]

fetches whole content from an URL (predicting mozilla)

silent don't log operation to stdout

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static String org.hfbk.util.HTTPUtils.fetchUntil ( String  url,
Pattern  pattern,
boolean  silent 
) [static]

fetches content from an URL until the given pattern matches to the last fetched line.

pattern Pattern to stop fetch.
silent don't log operation to stdout
content till pattern matches, inclusive.

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static String org.hfbk.util.HTTPUtils.decode ( String  encoded  )  [static]

convenient replacement for URLDecoder.decode

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static String org.hfbk.util.HTTPUtils.encode ( String  encode  )  [static]

convenient replacement for URLEncoder.encode

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static void org.hfbk.util.HTTPUtils.SubmitPicture ( String  exsistingFileName,
String  ScriptSource 
) [static]

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