net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVFormatLibrary.AVFormatContext Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

Pointer[] getStreams ()
 AVFormatContext ()
 AVFormatContext (Pointer p)

Public Attributes

Pointer av_class
Pointer iformat
Pointer oformat
Pointer priv_data
Pointer pb
int nb_streams
Pointer streams0
Pointer streams1
Pointer streams2
Pointer streams3
Pointer streams4
Pointer streams5
Pointer streams6
Pointer streams7
Pointer streams8
Pointer streams9
Pointer streams10
Pointer streams11
Pointer streams12
Pointer streams13
Pointer streams14
Pointer streams15
Pointer streams16
Pointer streams17
Pointer streams18
Pointer streams19
byte[] filename = new byte[1024]
long timestamp
byte[] title = new byte[512]
byte[] author = new byte[512]
byte[] copyright = new byte[512]
byte[] comment = new byte[512]
byte[] album = new byte[512]
int year
int track
byte[] genre = new byte[32]
int ctx_flags
Pointer packet_buffer
long start_time
long duration
long file_size
int bit_rate
Pointer cur_st
Pointer cur_ptr
int cur_len
AVPacket cur_pkt
long data_offset
int index_built
int mux_rate
int packet_size
int preload
int max_delay
int loop_output
int flags
int loop_input
int probesize
int max_analyze_duration
Pointer key
int keylen

Static Public Attributes

static final int MAX_STREAMS = 20
static final int AVFMT_NOOUTPUTLOOP = -1
static final int AVFMT_FLAG_GENPTS = 0x0001
 generate pts if missing even if it requires parsing future frames
static final int AVFMT_FLAG_IGNIDX = 0x0002
 ignore index
static final int AVFMT_FLAG_NONBLOCK = 0x0004
 do not block when reading packets from input

Detailed Description

maximum duration in AV_TIME_BASE units over which the input should be analyzed in av_find_stream_info()

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVFormatLibrary.AVFormatContext.AVFormatContext (  ) 

Definition at line 636 of file

net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVFormatLibrary.AVFormatContext.AVFormatContext ( Pointer  p  ) 

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Member Function Documentation

Pointer [] net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVFormatLibrary.AVFormatContext.getStreams (  ) 

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Member Data Documentation

Pointer net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVFormatLibrary.AVFormatContext.av_class

Definition at line 544 of file

Pointer net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVFormatLibrary.AVFormatContext.iformat

Definition at line 545 of file

Pointer net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVFormatLibrary.AVFormatContext.oformat

Definition at line 546 of file

Pointer net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVFormatLibrary.AVFormatContext.priv_data

Definition at line 547 of file

Pointer net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVFormatLibrary.AVFormatContext.pb

Definition at line 548 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVFormatLibrary.AVFormatContext.nb_streams

Definition at line 549 of file

Referenced by

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVFormatLibrary.AVFormatContext.MAX_STREAMS = 20 [static]

Definition at line 550 of file

Pointer net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVFormatLibrary.AVFormatContext.streams0

Definition at line 552 of file

Pointer net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVFormatLibrary.AVFormatContext.streams1

Definition at line 553 of file

Pointer net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVFormatLibrary.AVFormatContext.streams2

Definition at line 554 of file

Pointer net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVFormatLibrary.AVFormatContext.streams3

Definition at line 555 of file

Pointer net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVFormatLibrary.AVFormatContext.streams4

Definition at line 556 of file

Pointer net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVFormatLibrary.AVFormatContext.streams5

Definition at line 557 of file

Pointer net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVFormatLibrary.AVFormatContext.streams6

Definition at line 558 of file

Pointer net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVFormatLibrary.AVFormatContext.streams7

Definition at line 559 of file

Pointer net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVFormatLibrary.AVFormatContext.streams8

Definition at line 560 of file

Pointer net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVFormatLibrary.AVFormatContext.streams9

Definition at line 561 of file

Pointer net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVFormatLibrary.AVFormatContext.streams10

Definition at line 562 of file

Pointer net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVFormatLibrary.AVFormatContext.streams11

Definition at line 563 of file

Pointer net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVFormatLibrary.AVFormatContext.streams12

Definition at line 564 of file

Pointer net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVFormatLibrary.AVFormatContext.streams13

Definition at line 565 of file

Pointer net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVFormatLibrary.AVFormatContext.streams14

Definition at line 566 of file

Pointer net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVFormatLibrary.AVFormatContext.streams15

Definition at line 567 of file

Pointer net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVFormatLibrary.AVFormatContext.streams16

Definition at line 568 of file

Pointer net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVFormatLibrary.AVFormatContext.streams17

Definition at line 569 of file

Pointer net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVFormatLibrary.AVFormatContext.streams18

Definition at line 570 of file

Pointer net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVFormatLibrary.AVFormatContext.streams19

Definition at line 571 of file

byte [] net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVFormatLibrary.AVFormatContext.filename = new byte[1024]

Definition at line 597 of file

long net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVFormatLibrary.AVFormatContext.timestamp

Definition at line 598 of file

byte [] net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVFormatLibrary.AVFormatContext.title = new byte[512]

Definition at line 599 of file

byte [] = new byte[512]

Definition at line 600 of file

byte [] net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVFormatLibrary.AVFormatContext.copyright = new byte[512]

Definition at line 601 of file

byte [] net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVFormatLibrary.AVFormatContext.comment = new byte[512]

Definition at line 602 of file

byte [] net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVFormatLibrary.AVFormatContext.album = new byte[512]

Definition at line 603 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVFormatLibrary.AVFormatContext.year

Definition at line 604 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVFormatLibrary.AVFormatContext.track

Definition at line 605 of file

byte [] net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVFormatLibrary.AVFormatContext.genre = new byte[32]

Definition at line 606 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVFormatLibrary.AVFormatContext.ctx_flags

Definition at line 607 of file

Pointer net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVFormatLibrary.AVFormatContext.packet_buffer

Definition at line 608 of file

long net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVFormatLibrary.AVFormatContext.start_time

Definition at line 609 of file

long net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVFormatLibrary.AVFormatContext.duration

Definition at line 610 of file

long net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVFormatLibrary.AVFormatContext.file_size

Definition at line 611 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVFormatLibrary.AVFormatContext.bit_rate

Definition at line 612 of file

Pointer net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVFormatLibrary.AVFormatContext.cur_st

Definition at line 613 of file

Pointer net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVFormatLibrary.AVFormatContext.cur_ptr

Definition at line 614 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVFormatLibrary.AVFormatContext.cur_len

Definition at line 615 of file

AVPacket net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVFormatLibrary.AVFormatContext.cur_pkt

Definition at line 616 of file

long net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVFormatLibrary.AVFormatContext.data_offset

Definition at line 617 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVFormatLibrary.AVFormatContext.index_built

Definition at line 618 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVFormatLibrary.AVFormatContext.mux_rate

Definition at line 619 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVFormatLibrary.AVFormatContext.packet_size

Definition at line 620 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVFormatLibrary.AVFormatContext.preload

Definition at line 621 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVFormatLibrary.AVFormatContext.max_delay

Definition at line 622 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVFormatLibrary.AVFormatContext.AVFMT_NOOUTPUTLOOP = -1 [static]

Definition at line 623 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVFormatLibrary.AVFormatContext.AVFMT_INFINITEOUTPUTLOOP = 0 [static]

Definition at line 624 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVFormatLibrary.AVFormatContext.loop_output

Definition at line 625 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVFormatLibrary.AVFormatContext.flags

Definition at line 626 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVFormatLibrary.AVFormatContext.AVFMT_FLAG_GENPTS = 0x0001 [static]

generate pts if missing even if it requires parsing future frames

Definition at line 627 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVFormatLibrary.AVFormatContext.AVFMT_FLAG_IGNIDX = 0x0002 [static]

ignore index

Definition at line 628 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVFormatLibrary.AVFormatContext.AVFMT_FLAG_NONBLOCK = 0x0004 [static]

do not block when reading packets from input

Definition at line 629 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVFormatLibrary.AVFormatContext.loop_input

Definition at line 630 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVFormatLibrary.AVFormatContext.probesize

Definition at line 631 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVFormatLibrary.AVFormatContext.max_analyze_duration

Definition at line 632 of file

Pointer net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVFormatLibrary.AVFormatContext.key

Definition at line 633 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVFormatLibrary.AVFormatContext.keylen

Definition at line 634 of file

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