net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecParserContext Class Reference

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Public Attributes

Pointer priv_data
Pointer parser
long frame_offset
long cur_offset
long last_frame_offset
int pict_type
int repeat_pict
long pts
long dts
long last_pts
long last_dts
int fetch_timestamp
int cur_frame_start_index
long[] cur_frame_offset = new long[AV_PARSER_PTS_NB]
long[] cur_frame_pts = new long[AV_PARSER_PTS_NB]
long[] cur_frame_dts = new long[AV_PARSER_PTS_NB]
int flags
long offset
 byte offset from starting packet start
long last_offset

Static Public Attributes

static final int AV_PARSER_PTS_NB = 4
static final int PARSER_FLAG_COMPLETE_FRAMES = 0x0001

Detailed Description

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Member Data Documentation

Pointer net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecParserContext.priv_data

Definition at line 3309 of file

Pointer net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecParserContext.parser

Definition at line 3310 of file

long net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecParserContext.frame_offset

Definition at line 3311 of file

long net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecParserContext.cur_offset

Definition at line 3312 of file

long net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecParserContext.last_frame_offset

Definition at line 3314 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecParserContext.pict_type

Definition at line 3316 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecParserContext.repeat_pict

Definition at line 3317 of file

long net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecParserContext.pts

Definition at line 3318 of file

long net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecParserContext.dts

Definition at line 3319 of file

long net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecParserContext.last_pts

Definition at line 3322 of file

long net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecParserContext.last_dts

Definition at line 3323 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecParserContext.fetch_timestamp

Definition at line 3324 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecParserContext.AV_PARSER_PTS_NB = 4 [static]

Definition at line 3326 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecParserContext.cur_frame_start_index

Definition at line 3327 of file

long [] net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecParserContext.cur_frame_offset = new long[AV_PARSER_PTS_NB]

Definition at line 3328 of file

long [] net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecParserContext.cur_frame_pts = new long[AV_PARSER_PTS_NB]

Definition at line 3329 of file

long [] net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecParserContext.cur_frame_dts = new long[AV_PARSER_PTS_NB]

Definition at line 3330 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecParserContext.flags

Definition at line 3332 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecParserContext.PARSER_FLAG_COMPLETE_FRAMES = 0x0001 [static]

Definition at line 3333 of file

long net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecParserContext.offset

byte offset from starting packet start

Definition at line 3335 of file

long net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecParserContext.last_offset

Definition at line 3336 of file

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