net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 AVCodecContext ()
 AVCodecContext (Pointer p)

Public Attributes

Pointer av_class
int bit_rate
int bit_rate_tolerance
int flags
int sub_id
int me_method
Pointer extradata
int extradata_size
AVRational time_base
int width
int height
int gop_size
int pix_fmt
int rate_emu
Pointer draw_horiz_band
int sample_rate
 samples per second
int channels
int sample_fmt
 sample format, currently unused
int frame_size
int frame_number
 audio or video frame number
int real_pict_num
 Returns the real picture number of previous encoded frame.
int delay
float qcompress
 amount of qscale change between easy & hard scenes (0.0-1.0)
float qblur
 amount of qscale smoothing over time (0.0-1.0)
int qmin
int qmax
int max_qdiff
int max_b_frames
float b_quant_factor
int rc_strategy
int b_frame_strategy
int hurry_up
Pointer codec
Pointer priv_data
int rtp_payload_size
Pointer rtp_callback
int mv_bits
int header_bits
int i_tex_bits
int p_tex_bits
int i_count
int p_count
int skip_count
int misc_bits
int frame_bits
Pointer opaque
byte[] codec_name = new byte[32]
int codec_type
int codec_id
int codec_tag
int workaround_bugs
int luma_elim_threshold
int chroma_elim_threshold
int strict_std_compliance
float b_quant_offset
int error_resilience
Pointer get_buffer
Pointer release_buffer
int has_b_frames
int block_align
int parse_only
int mpeg_quant
Pointer stats_out
Pointer stats_in
float rc_qsquish
float rc_qmod_amp
int rc_qmod_freq
Pointer rc_override
int rc_override_count
Pointer rc_eq
int rc_max_rate
int rc_min_rate
int rc_buffer_size
float rc_buffer_aggressivity
float i_quant_factor
float i_quant_offset
float rc_initial_cplx
int dct_algo
float lumi_masking
float temporal_cplx_masking
float spatial_cplx_masking
float p_masking
float dark_masking
int idct_algo
int slice_count
Pointer slice_offset
int error_concealment
int dsp_mask
int bits_per_coded_sample
int prediction_method
AVRational sample_aspect_ratio
Pointer coded_frame
int debug
int debug_mv
long[] error = new long[4]
int mb_qmin
int mb_qmax
int me_cmp
int me_sub_cmp
int mb_cmp
int ildct_cmp
int dia_size
int last_predictor_count
int pre_me
int me_pre_cmp
int pre_dia_size
int me_subpel_quality
Pointer get_format
int dtg_active_format
int me_range
int intra_quant_bias
int inter_quant_bias
int color_table_id
int internal_buffer_count
Pointer internal_buffer
int global_quality
int coder_type
int context_model
int slice_flags
int xvmc_acceleration
int mb_decision
Pointer intra_matrix
Pointer inter_matrix
int stream_codec_tag
int scenechange_threshold
int lmin
int lmax
Pointer palctrl
int noise_reduction
Pointer reget_buffer
int rc_initial_buffer_occupancy
int inter_threshold
int flags2
int error_rate
int antialias_algo
int quantizer_noise_shaping
int thread_count
Pointer execute
Pointer thread_opaque
int me_threshold
int mb_threshold
int intra_dc_precision
int nsse_weight
int skip_top
int skip_bottom
int profile
int level
int lowres
int coded_width
int coded_height
int frame_skip_threshold
int frame_skip_factor
int frame_skip_exp
int frame_skip_cmp
float border_masking
int mb_lmin
int mb_lmax
int me_penalty_compensation
int skip_loop_filter
int skip_idct
int skip_frame
int bidir_refine
int brd_scale
float crf
int cqp
int keyint_min
int refs
int chromaoffset
int bframebias
int trellis
float complexityblur
int deblockalpha
int deblockbeta
int partitions
int directpred
int cutoff
int scenechange_factor
int mv0_threshold
int b_sensitivity
int compression_level
int use_lpc
int lpc_coeff_precision
int min_prediction_order
int max_prediction_order
int prediction_order_method
int min_partition_order
int max_partition_order
long timecode_frame_start

Static Public Attributes

static final int FF_ASPECT_EXTENDED = 15
static final int FF_RC_STRATEGY_XVID = 1
static final int FF_BUG_AUTODETECT = 1
static final int FF_BUG_OLD_MSMPEG4 = 2
static final int FF_BUG_XVID_ILACE = 4
static final int FF_BUG_UMP4 = 8
static final int FF_BUG_NO_PADDING = 16
static final int FF_BUG_AMV = 32
static final int FF_BUG_AC_VLC = 0
 Will be removed, libavcodec can now handle these non-compliant files by default.
static final int FF_BUG_QPEL_CHROMA = 64
static final int FF_BUG_STD_QPEL = 128
static final int FF_BUG_QPEL_CHROMA2 = 256
static final int FF_BUG_DIRECT_BLOCKSIZE = 512
static final int FF_BUG_EDGE = 1024
static final int FF_BUG_HPEL_CHROMA = 2048
static final int FF_BUG_DC_CLIP = 4096
static final int FF_BUG_MS = 8192
 Work around various bugs in Microsoft's broken decoders.
static final int FF_COMPLIANCE_VERY_STRICT = 2
 Strictly conform to a older more strict version of the spec or reference software.
static final int FF_COMPLIANCE_STRICT = 1
 Strictly conform to all the things in the spec no matter what consequences.
static final int FF_COMPLIANCE_NORMAL = 0
static final int FF_COMPLIANCE_INOFFICIAL = -1
 Allow inofficial extensions.
static final int FF_COMPLIANCE_EXPERIMENTAL = -2
 Allow nonstandardized experimental things.
static final int FF_ER_CAREFUL = 1
static final int FF_ER_COMPLIANT = 2
static final int FF_ER_AGGRESSIVE = 3
static final int FF_ER_VERY_AGGRESSIVE = 4
static final int FF_DCT_AUTO = 0
static final int FF_DCT_FASTINT = 1
static final int FF_DCT_INT = 2
static final int FF_DCT_MMX = 3
static final int FF_DCT_MLIB = 4
static final int FF_DCT_ALTIVEC = 5
static final int FF_DCT_FAAN = 6
static final int FF_IDCT_AUTO = 0
static final int FF_IDCT_INT = 1
static final int FF_IDCT_SIMPLE = 2
static final int FF_IDCT_SIMPLEMMX = 3
static final int FF_IDCT_LIBMPEG2MMX = 4
static final int FF_IDCT_PS2 = 5
static final int FF_IDCT_MLIB = 6
static final int FF_IDCT_ARM = 7
static final int FF_IDCT_ALTIVEC = 8
static final int FF_IDCT_SH4 = 9
static final int FF_IDCT_SIMPLEARM = 10
static final int FF_IDCT_H264 = 11
static final int FF_IDCT_VP3 = 12
static final int FF_IDCT_IPP = 13
static final int FF_IDCT_XVIDMMX = 14
static final int FF_IDCT_CAVS = 15
static final int FF_IDCT_SIMPLEARMV5TE = 16
static final int FF_IDCT_SIMPLEARMV6 = 17
static final int FF_EC_GUESS_MVS = 1
static final int FF_EC_DEBLOCK = 2
static final int FF_MM_FORCE = 0x80000000
static final int FF_MM_MMX = 0x0001
static final int FF_MM_3DNOW = 0x0004
static final int FF_MM_MMXEXT = 0x0002
static final int FF_MM_SSE = 0x0008
static final int FF_MM_SSE2 = 0x0010
static final int FF_MM_3DNOWEXT = 0x0020
static final int FF_MM_SSE3 = 0x0040
static final int FF_MM_SSSE3 = 0x0080
static final int FF_MM_IWMMXT = 0x0100
static final int FF_PRED_LEFT = 0
static final int FF_PRED_PLANE = 1
static final int FF_PRED_MEDIAN = 2
static final int FF_DEBUG_PICT_INFO = 1
static final int FF_DEBUG_RC = 2
static final int FF_DEBUG_BITSTREAM = 4
static final int FF_DEBUG_MB_TYPE = 8
static final int FF_DEBUG_QP = 16
static final int FF_DEBUG_MV = 32
static final int FF_DEBUG_DCT_COEFF = 0x00000040
static final int FF_DEBUG_SKIP = 0x00000080
static final int FF_DEBUG_STARTCODE = 0x00000100
static final int FF_DEBUG_PTS = 0x00000200
static final int FF_DEBUG_ER = 0x00000400
static final int FF_DEBUG_MMCO = 0x00000800
static final int FF_DEBUG_BUGS = 0x00001000
static final int FF_DEBUG_VIS_QP = 0x00002000
static final int FF_DEBUG_VIS_MB_TYPE = 0x00004000
static final int FF_DEBUG_VIS_MV_P_FOR = 0x00000001
static final int FF_DEBUG_VIS_MV_B_FOR = 0x00000002
static final int FF_DEBUG_VIS_MV_B_BACK = 0x00000004
static final int FF_CMP_SAD = 0
static final int FF_CMP_SSE = 1
static final int FF_CMP_SATD = 2
static final int FF_CMP_DCT = 3
static final int FF_CMP_PSNR = 4
static final int FF_CMP_BIT = 5
static final int FF_CMP_RD = 6
static final int FF_CMP_ZERO = 7
static final int FF_CMP_VSAD = 8
static final int FF_CMP_VSSE = 9
static final int FF_CMP_NSSE = 10
static final int FF_CMP_W53 = 11
static final int FF_CMP_W97 = 12
static final int FF_CMP_DCTMAX = 13
static final int FF_CMP_DCT264 = 14
static final int FF_CMP_CHROMA = 256
static final int FF_DTG_AFD_SAME = 8
static final int FF_DTG_AFD_4_3 = 9
static final int FF_DTG_AFD_16_9 = 10
static final int FF_DTG_AFD_14_9 = 11
static final int FF_DTG_AFD_4_3_SP_14_9 = 13
static final int FF_DTG_AFD_16_9_SP_14_9 = 14
static final int FF_DTG_AFD_SP_4_3 = 15
static final int FF_DEFAULT_QUANT_BIAS = 999999
static final int FF_LAMBDA_SHIFT = 7
static final int FF_LAMBDA_SCALE = (1<<FF_LAMBDA_SHIFT)
static final int FF_QP2LAMBDA = 118
 factor to convert from H.263 QP to lambda
static final int FF_LAMBDA_MAX = (256*128-1)
static final int FF_CODER_TYPE_VLC = 0
static final int FF_CODER_TYPE_AC = 1
static final int FF_CODER_TYPE_RAW = 2
static final int FF_CODER_TYPE_RLE = 3
static final int FF_CODER_TYPE_DEFLATE = 4
static final int SLICE_FLAG_CODED_ORDER = 0x0001
 draw_horiz_band() is called in coded order instead of display
static final int SLICE_FLAG_ALLOW_FIELD = 0x0002
 allow draw_horiz_band() with field slices (MPEG2 field pics)
static final int SLICE_FLAG_ALLOW_PLANE = 0x0004
 allow draw_horiz_band() with 1 component at a time (SVQ1)
static final int FF_MB_DECISION_SIMPLE = 0
 uses mb_cmp
static final int FF_MB_DECISION_BITS = 1
 chooses the one which needs the fewest bits
static final int FF_MB_DECISION_RD = 2
 rate distoration
static final int FF_AA_AUTO = 0
static final int FF_AA_FASTINT = 1
static final int FF_AA_INT = 2
static final int FF_AA_FLOAT = 3
static final int FF_PROFILE_UNKNOWN = -99
static final int FF_PROFILE_AAC_MAIN = 0
static final int FF_PROFILE_AAC_LOW = 1
static final int FF_PROFILE_AAC_SSR = 2
static final int FF_PROFILE_AAC_LTP = 3
static final int FF_LEVEL_UNKNOWN = -99
static final int X264_PART_I4X4 = 0x001
static final int X264_PART_I8X8 = 0x002
static final int X264_PART_P8X8 = 0x010
static final int X264_PART_P4X4 = 0x020
static final int X264_PART_B8X8 = 0x100
static final int FF_COMPRESSION_DEFAULT = -1

Detailed Description

main external API structure

Definition at line 2238 of file

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.AVCodecContext (  ) 

Definition at line 2602 of file

net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.AVCodecContext ( Pointer  p  ) 

Definition at line 2607 of file

Member Data Documentation

Pointer net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.av_class

Definition at line 2240 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.bit_rate

Definition at line 2241 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.bit_rate_tolerance

Definition at line 2242 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.flags

Definition at line 2243 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.sub_id

Definition at line 2244 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.me_method

Definition at line 2245 of file

Pointer net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.extradata

Definition at line 2246 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.extradata_size

Definition at line 2247 of file

AVRational net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.time_base

Definition at line 2248 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.width

Definition at line 2249 of file

Referenced by org.hfbk.vid.AVVideoThread.AVVideoThread().

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.height

Definition at line 2250 of file

Referenced by org.hfbk.vid.AVVideoThread.AVVideoThread(), and org.hfbk.vid.AVVideoThread.convertToRGB().

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.FF_ASPECT_EXTENDED = 15 [static]

Definition at line 2252 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.gop_size

Definition at line 2254 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.pix_fmt

Definition at line 2255 of file

Referenced by org.hfbk.vid.AVVideoThread.AVVideoThread().

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.rate_emu

Definition at line 2256 of file

Pointer net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.draw_horiz_band

Definition at line 2257 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.sample_rate

samples per second

Definition at line 2260 of file

Referenced by org.hfbk.vid.AVAudioThread.AVAudioThread().

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.channels

Definition at line 2261 of file

Referenced by org.hfbk.vid.AVAudioThread.AVAudioThread().

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.sample_fmt

sample format, currently unused

Definition at line 2262 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.frame_size

Definition at line 2263 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.frame_number

audio or video frame number

Definition at line 2264 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.real_pict_num

Returns the real picture number of previous encoded frame.

Definition at line 2265 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.delay

Definition at line 2266 of file

float net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.qcompress

amount of qscale change between easy & hard scenes (0.0-1.0)

Definition at line 2267 of file

float net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.qblur

amount of qscale smoothing over time (0.0-1.0)

Definition at line 2268 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.qmin

Definition at line 2269 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.qmax

Definition at line 2270 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.max_qdiff

Definition at line 2271 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.max_b_frames

Definition at line 2272 of file

float net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.b_quant_factor

Definition at line 2273 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.rc_strategy

Definition at line 2274 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.FF_RC_STRATEGY_XVID = 1 [static]

Definition at line 2275 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.b_frame_strategy

Definition at line 2277 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.hurry_up

Definition at line 2278 of file

Pointer net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.codec

Definition at line 2280 of file

Pointer net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.priv_data

Definition at line 2282 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.rtp_payload_size

Definition at line 2289 of file

Pointer net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.rtp_callback

Definition at line 2290 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.mv_bits

Definition at line 2292 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.header_bits

Definition at line 2293 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.i_tex_bits

Definition at line 2294 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.p_tex_bits

Definition at line 2295 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.i_count

Definition at line 2296 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.p_count

Definition at line 2297 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.skip_count

Definition at line 2298 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.misc_bits

Definition at line 2299 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.frame_bits

Definition at line 2300 of file

Pointer net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.opaque

Definition at line 2301 of file

byte [] net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.codec_name = new byte[32]

Definition at line 2303 of file

Referenced by org.hfbk.vid.AVStreamThread.AVStreamThread().

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.codec_type

Definition at line 2304 of file

Referenced by

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.codec_id

Definition at line 2305 of file

Referenced by org.hfbk.vid.AVStreamThread.AVStreamThread().

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.codec_tag

Definition at line 2307 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.workaround_bugs

Definition at line 2308 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.FF_BUG_AUTODETECT = 1 [static]


Definition at line 2309 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.FF_BUG_OLD_MSMPEG4 = 2 [static]

Definition at line 2310 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.FF_BUG_XVID_ILACE = 4 [static]

Definition at line 2311 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.FF_BUG_UMP4 = 8 [static]

Definition at line 2312 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.FF_BUG_NO_PADDING = 16 [static]

Definition at line 2313 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.FF_BUG_AMV = 32 [static]

Definition at line 2314 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.FF_BUG_AC_VLC = 0 [static]

Will be removed, libavcodec can now handle these non-compliant files by default.

Definition at line 2315 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.FF_BUG_QPEL_CHROMA = 64 [static]

Definition at line 2316 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.FF_BUG_STD_QPEL = 128 [static]

Definition at line 2317 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.FF_BUG_QPEL_CHROMA2 = 256 [static]

Definition at line 2318 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.FF_BUG_DIRECT_BLOCKSIZE = 512 [static]

Definition at line 2319 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.FF_BUG_EDGE = 1024 [static]

Definition at line 2320 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.FF_BUG_HPEL_CHROMA = 2048 [static]

Definition at line 2321 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.FF_BUG_DC_CLIP = 4096 [static]

Definition at line 2322 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.FF_BUG_MS = 8192 [static]

Work around various bugs in Microsoft's broken decoders.

Definition at line 2323 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.luma_elim_threshold

Definition at line 2324 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.chroma_elim_threshold

Definition at line 2325 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.strict_std_compliance

Definition at line 2326 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.FF_COMPLIANCE_VERY_STRICT = 2 [static]

Strictly conform to a older more strict version of the spec or reference software.

Definition at line 2327 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.FF_COMPLIANCE_STRICT = 1 [static]

Strictly conform to all the things in the spec no matter what consequences.

Definition at line 2328 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.FF_COMPLIANCE_NORMAL = 0 [static]

Definition at line 2329 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.FF_COMPLIANCE_INOFFICIAL = -1 [static]

Allow inofficial extensions.

Definition at line 2330 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.FF_COMPLIANCE_EXPERIMENTAL = -2 [static]

Allow nonstandardized experimental things.

Definition at line 2331 of file

float net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.b_quant_offset

Definition at line 2332 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.error_resilience

Definition at line 2333 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.FF_ER_CAREFUL = 1 [static]

Definition at line 2334 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.FF_ER_COMPLIANT = 2 [static]

Definition at line 2335 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.FF_ER_AGGRESSIVE = 3 [static]

Definition at line 2336 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.FF_ER_VERY_AGGRESSIVE = 4 [static]

Definition at line 2337 of file

Pointer net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.get_buffer

Definition at line 2338 of file

Pointer net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.release_buffer

Definition at line 2340 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.has_b_frames

Definition at line 2341 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.block_align

Definition at line 2342 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.parse_only

Definition at line 2343 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.mpeg_quant

Definition at line 2344 of file

Pointer net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.stats_out

Definition at line 2345 of file

Pointer net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.stats_in

Definition at line 2346 of file

float net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.rc_qsquish

Definition at line 2347 of file

float net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.rc_qmod_amp

Definition at line 2348 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.rc_qmod_freq

Definition at line 2349 of file

Pointer net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.rc_override

Definition at line 2350 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.rc_override_count

Definition at line 2351 of file

Pointer net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.rc_eq

Definition at line 2352 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.rc_max_rate

Definition at line 2353 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.rc_min_rate

Definition at line 2354 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.rc_buffer_size

Definition at line 2355 of file

float net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.rc_buffer_aggressivity

Definition at line 2356 of file

float net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.i_quant_factor

Definition at line 2357 of file

float net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.i_quant_offset

Definition at line 2358 of file

float net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.rc_initial_cplx

Definition at line 2359 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.dct_algo

Definition at line 2360 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.FF_DCT_AUTO = 0 [static]

Definition at line 2361 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.FF_DCT_FASTINT = 1 [static]

Definition at line 2362 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.FF_DCT_INT = 2 [static]

Definition at line 2363 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.FF_DCT_MMX = 3 [static]

Definition at line 2364 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.FF_DCT_MLIB = 4 [static]

Definition at line 2365 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.FF_DCT_ALTIVEC = 5 [static]

Definition at line 2366 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.FF_DCT_FAAN = 6 [static]

Definition at line 2367 of file

float net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.lumi_masking

Definition at line 2368 of file

float net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.temporal_cplx_masking

Definition at line 2369 of file

float net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.spatial_cplx_masking

Definition at line 2370 of file

float net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.p_masking

Definition at line 2371 of file

float net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.dark_masking

Definition at line 2372 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.idct_algo

Definition at line 2374 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.FF_IDCT_AUTO = 0 [static]

Definition at line 2375 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.FF_IDCT_INT = 1 [static]

Definition at line 2376 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.FF_IDCT_SIMPLE = 2 [static]

Definition at line 2377 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.FF_IDCT_SIMPLEMMX = 3 [static]

Definition at line 2378 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.FF_IDCT_LIBMPEG2MMX = 4 [static]

Definition at line 2379 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.FF_IDCT_PS2 = 5 [static]

Definition at line 2380 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.FF_IDCT_MLIB = 6 [static]

Definition at line 2381 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.FF_IDCT_ARM = 7 [static]

Definition at line 2382 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.FF_IDCT_ALTIVEC = 8 [static]

Definition at line 2383 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.FF_IDCT_SH4 = 9 [static]

Definition at line 2384 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.FF_IDCT_SIMPLEARM = 10 [static]

Definition at line 2385 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.FF_IDCT_H264 = 11 [static]

Definition at line 2386 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.FF_IDCT_VP3 = 12 [static]

Definition at line 2387 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.FF_IDCT_IPP = 13 [static]

Definition at line 2388 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.FF_IDCT_XVIDMMX = 14 [static]

Definition at line 2389 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.FF_IDCT_CAVS = 15 [static]

Definition at line 2390 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.FF_IDCT_SIMPLEARMV5TE = 16 [static]

Definition at line 2391 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.FF_IDCT_SIMPLEARMV6 = 17 [static]

Definition at line 2392 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.slice_count

Definition at line 2393 of file

Pointer net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.slice_offset

Definition at line 2394 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.error_concealment

Definition at line 2395 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.FF_EC_GUESS_MVS = 1 [static]

Definition at line 2396 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.FF_EC_DEBLOCK = 2 [static]

Definition at line 2397 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.dsp_mask

dsp_mask could be add used to disable unwanted CPU features CPU features (i.e. MMX, SSE. ...)

With the FORCE flag you may instead enable given CPU features. (Dangerous: Usable in case of misdetection, improper usage however will result into program crash.)

Definition at line 2407 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.FF_MM_FORCE = 0x80000000 [static]

Definition at line 2408 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.FF_MM_MMX = 0x0001 [static]

Definition at line 2410 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.FF_MM_3DNOW = 0x0004 [static]

Definition at line 2411 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.FF_MM_MMXEXT = 0x0002 [static]

Definition at line 2412 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.FF_MM_SSE = 0x0008 [static]

Definition at line 2413 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.FF_MM_SSE2 = 0x0010 [static]

Definition at line 2414 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.FF_MM_3DNOWEXT = 0x0020 [static]

Definition at line 2415 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.FF_MM_SSE3 = 0x0040 [static]

Definition at line 2416 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.FF_MM_SSSE3 = 0x0080 [static]

Definition at line 2417 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.FF_MM_IWMMXT = 0x0100 [static]

Definition at line 2418 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.bits_per_coded_sample

Definition at line 2420 of file

Referenced by org.hfbk.vid.AVAudioThread.AVAudioThread().

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.prediction_method

Definition at line 2421 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.FF_PRED_LEFT = 0 [static]

Definition at line 2422 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.FF_PRED_PLANE = 1 [static]

Definition at line 2423 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.FF_PRED_MEDIAN = 2 [static]

Definition at line 2424 of file

AVRational net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.sample_aspect_ratio

Definition at line 2425 of file

Pointer net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.coded_frame

Definition at line 2426 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.debug

Definition at line 2427 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.FF_DEBUG_PICT_INFO = 1 [static]

Definition at line 2428 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.FF_DEBUG_RC = 2 [static]

Definition at line 2429 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.FF_DEBUG_BITSTREAM = 4 [static]

Definition at line 2430 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.FF_DEBUG_MB_TYPE = 8 [static]

Definition at line 2431 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.FF_DEBUG_QP = 16 [static]

Definition at line 2432 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.FF_DEBUG_MV = 32 [static]

Definition at line 2433 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.FF_DEBUG_DCT_COEFF = 0x00000040 [static]

Definition at line 2434 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.FF_DEBUG_SKIP = 0x00000080 [static]

Definition at line 2435 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.FF_DEBUG_STARTCODE = 0x00000100 [static]

Definition at line 2436 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.FF_DEBUG_PTS = 0x00000200 [static]

Definition at line 2437 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.FF_DEBUG_ER = 0x00000400 [static]

Definition at line 2438 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.FF_DEBUG_MMCO = 0x00000800 [static]

Definition at line 2439 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.FF_DEBUG_BUGS = 0x00001000 [static]

Definition at line 2440 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.FF_DEBUG_VIS_QP = 0x00002000 [static]

Definition at line 2441 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.FF_DEBUG_VIS_MB_TYPE = 0x00004000 [static]

Definition at line 2442 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.debug_mv

Definition at line 2443 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.FF_DEBUG_VIS_MV_P_FOR = 0x00000001 [static]

Definition at line 2444 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.FF_DEBUG_VIS_MV_B_FOR = 0x00000002 [static]

Definition at line 2445 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.FF_DEBUG_VIS_MV_B_BACK = 0x00000004 [static]

Definition at line 2446 of file

long [] net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.error = new long[4]

Definition at line 2447 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.mb_qmin

Definition at line 2448 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.mb_qmax

Definition at line 2449 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.me_cmp

Definition at line 2450 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.me_sub_cmp

Definition at line 2451 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.mb_cmp

Definition at line 2452 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.ildct_cmp

Definition at line 2453 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.FF_CMP_SAD = 0 [static]

Definition at line 2454 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.FF_CMP_SSE = 1 [static]

Definition at line 2455 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.FF_CMP_SATD = 2 [static]

Definition at line 2456 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.FF_CMP_DCT = 3 [static]

Definition at line 2457 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.FF_CMP_PSNR = 4 [static]

Definition at line 2458 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.FF_CMP_BIT = 5 [static]

Definition at line 2459 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.FF_CMP_RD = 6 [static]

Definition at line 2460 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.FF_CMP_ZERO = 7 [static]

Definition at line 2461 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.FF_CMP_VSAD = 8 [static]

Definition at line 2462 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.FF_CMP_VSSE = 9 [static]

Definition at line 2463 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.FF_CMP_NSSE = 10 [static]

Definition at line 2464 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.FF_CMP_W53 = 11 [static]

Definition at line 2465 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.FF_CMP_W97 = 12 [static]

Definition at line 2466 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.FF_CMP_DCTMAX = 13 [static]

Definition at line 2467 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.FF_CMP_DCT264 = 14 [static]

Definition at line 2468 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.FF_CMP_CHROMA = 256 [static]

Definition at line 2469 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.dia_size

Definition at line 2470 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.last_predictor_count

Definition at line 2471 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.pre_me

Definition at line 2472 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.me_pre_cmp

Definition at line 2473 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.pre_dia_size

Definition at line 2474 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.me_subpel_quality

Definition at line 2475 of file

Pointer net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.get_format

Definition at line 2476 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.dtg_active_format

Definition at line 2477 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.FF_DTG_AFD_SAME = 8 [static]

Definition at line 2478 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.FF_DTG_AFD_4_3 = 9 [static]

Definition at line 2479 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.FF_DTG_AFD_16_9 = 10 [static]

Definition at line 2480 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.FF_DTG_AFD_14_9 = 11 [static]

Definition at line 2481 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.FF_DTG_AFD_4_3_SP_14_9 = 13 [static]

Definition at line 2482 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.FF_DTG_AFD_16_9_SP_14_9 = 14 [static]

Definition at line 2483 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.FF_DTG_AFD_SP_4_3 = 15 [static]

Definition at line 2484 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.me_range

Definition at line 2485 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.intra_quant_bias

Definition at line 2486 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.FF_DEFAULT_QUANT_BIAS = 999999 [static]

Definition at line 2487 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.inter_quant_bias

Definition at line 2488 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.color_table_id

Definition at line 2489 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.internal_buffer_count

Definition at line 2490 of file

Pointer net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.internal_buffer

Definition at line 2491 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.FF_LAMBDA_SHIFT = 7 [static]

Definition at line 2493 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.FF_LAMBDA_SCALE = (1<<FF_LAMBDA_SHIFT) [static]

Definition at line 2494 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.FF_QP2LAMBDA = 118 [static]

factor to convert from H.263 QP to lambda

Definition at line 2495 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.FF_LAMBDA_MAX = (256*128-1) [static]

Definition at line 2496 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.FF_QUALITY_SCALE = FF_LAMBDA_SCALE [static]

Definition at line 2498 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.global_quality

Definition at line 2499 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.FF_CODER_TYPE_VLC = 0 [static]

Definition at line 2501 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.FF_CODER_TYPE_AC = 1 [static]

Definition at line 2502 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.FF_CODER_TYPE_RAW = 2 [static]

Definition at line 2503 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.FF_CODER_TYPE_RLE = 3 [static]

Definition at line 2504 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.FF_CODER_TYPE_DEFLATE = 4 [static]

Definition at line 2505 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.coder_type

Definition at line 2506 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.context_model

Definition at line 2507 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.slice_flags

Definition at line 2508 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.SLICE_FLAG_CODED_ORDER = 0x0001 [static]

draw_horiz_band() is called in coded order instead of display

Definition at line 2509 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.SLICE_FLAG_ALLOW_FIELD = 0x0002 [static]

allow draw_horiz_band() with field slices (MPEG2 field pics)

Definition at line 2510 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.SLICE_FLAG_ALLOW_PLANE = 0x0004 [static]

allow draw_horiz_band() with 1 component at a time (SVQ1)

Definition at line 2511 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.xvmc_acceleration

Definition at line 2512 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.mb_decision

Definition at line 2513 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.FF_MB_DECISION_SIMPLE = 0 [static]

uses mb_cmp

Definition at line 2514 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.FF_MB_DECISION_BITS = 1 [static]

chooses the one which needs the fewest bits

Definition at line 2515 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.FF_MB_DECISION_RD = 2 [static]

rate distoration

Definition at line 2516 of file

Pointer net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.intra_matrix

Definition at line 2517 of file

Pointer net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.inter_matrix

Definition at line 2518 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.stream_codec_tag

Definition at line 2519 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.scenechange_threshold

Definition at line 2520 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.lmin

Definition at line 2521 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.lmax

Definition at line 2522 of file

Pointer net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.palctrl

Definition at line 2523 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.noise_reduction

Definition at line 2524 of file

Pointer net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.reget_buffer

Definition at line 2525 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.rc_initial_buffer_occupancy

Definition at line 2526 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.inter_threshold

Definition at line 2527 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.flags2

Definition at line 2528 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.error_rate

Definition at line 2529 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.antialias_algo

Definition at line 2530 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.FF_AA_AUTO = 0 [static]

Definition at line 2531 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.FF_AA_FASTINT = 1 [static]

Definition at line 2532 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.FF_AA_INT = 2 [static]

Definition at line 2533 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.FF_AA_FLOAT = 3 [static]

Definition at line 2534 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.quantizer_noise_shaping

Definition at line 2535 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.thread_count

Definition at line 2536 of file

Pointer net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.execute

Definition at line 2537 of file

Pointer net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.thread_opaque

Definition at line 2538 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.me_threshold

Definition at line 2539 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.mb_threshold

Definition at line 2540 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.intra_dc_precision

Definition at line 2541 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.nsse_weight

Definition at line 2542 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.skip_top

Definition at line 2543 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.skip_bottom

Definition at line 2544 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.profile

Definition at line 2545 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.FF_PROFILE_UNKNOWN = -99 [static]

Definition at line 2546 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.FF_PROFILE_AAC_MAIN = 0 [static]

Definition at line 2547 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.FF_PROFILE_AAC_LOW = 1 [static]

Definition at line 2548 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.FF_PROFILE_AAC_SSR = 2 [static]

Definition at line 2549 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.FF_PROFILE_AAC_LTP = 3 [static]

Definition at line 2550 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.level

Definition at line 2551 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.FF_LEVEL_UNKNOWN = -99 [static]

Definition at line 2552 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.lowres

Definition at line 2553 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.coded_width

Definition at line 2554 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.coded_height

Definition at line 2555 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.frame_skip_threshold

Definition at line 2556 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.frame_skip_factor

Definition at line 2557 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.frame_skip_exp

Definition at line 2558 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.frame_skip_cmp

Definition at line 2559 of file

float net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.border_masking

Definition at line 2560 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.mb_lmin

Definition at line 2561 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.mb_lmax

Definition at line 2562 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.me_penalty_compensation

Definition at line 2563 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.skip_loop_filter

Definition at line 2564 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.skip_idct

Definition at line 2565 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.skip_frame

Definition at line 2566 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.bidir_refine

Definition at line 2567 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.brd_scale

Definition at line 2568 of file

float net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.crf

Definition at line 2570 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.cqp

Definition at line 2571 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.keyint_min

Definition at line 2572 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.refs

Definition at line 2573 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.chromaoffset

Definition at line 2574 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.bframebias

Definition at line 2575 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.trellis

Definition at line 2576 of file

float net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.complexityblur

Definition at line 2577 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.deblockalpha

Definition at line 2578 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.deblockbeta

Definition at line 2579 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.partitions

Definition at line 2580 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.X264_PART_I4X4 = 0x001 [static]

Definition at line 2581 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.X264_PART_I8X8 = 0x002 [static]

Definition at line 2582 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.X264_PART_P8X8 = 0x010 [static]

Definition at line 2583 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.X264_PART_P4X4 = 0x020 [static]

Definition at line 2584 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.X264_PART_B8X8 = 0x100 [static]

Definition at line 2585 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.directpred

Definition at line 2586 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.cutoff

Definition at line 2587 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.scenechange_factor

Definition at line 2588 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.mv0_threshold

Definition at line 2589 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.b_sensitivity

Definition at line 2590 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.compression_level

Definition at line 2591 of file

final int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.FF_COMPRESSION_DEFAULT = -1 [static]

Definition at line 2592 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.use_lpc

Definition at line 2593 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.lpc_coeff_precision

Definition at line 2594 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.min_prediction_order

Definition at line 2595 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.max_prediction_order

Definition at line 2596 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.prediction_order_method

Definition at line 2597 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.min_partition_order

Definition at line 2598 of file

int net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.max_partition_order

Definition at line 2599 of file

long net.sf.ffmpeg_java.AVCodecLibrary.AVCodecContext.timecode_frame_start

Definition at line 2600 of file

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